Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Hide from Lion and my boyfriend is Hindi

I dreamed I was very young and went to a large desert complex with my celibate boyfriend! I told someone "we don't have sex" and my boyfriend looked embarrassed and said "I am hindi!"  We had to run around rooms trying to hide from a lion that was loose.

Friday, 11 October 2013

C dreams third sister and lotto

C dreamed that they had a third sister but I wasn't around so she was taking care of her and Iz but she didn't have to work because they had won the lottery.  She doesn't remember the name of the sister, she just called her "kiddo." 

Where's my car?

I dreamed that I had a new car. It was a red Volkswagen bug. All of a sudden I realized it had been stolen. I told someone my car has been stolen and he said yes. Isabel was about to turn 18. I got um scared of a lady who is holding a machete. She was going to hurt somebody and so I tried to escape by going into a fast food restaurant in getting lost in the line of people. When I came out tim was there and said that he had my new car, and I said where is it and he said right there it is the red truck. I said that's not my car and he said yes it is it was not stolen it was just taken back by them to get fixed. I received a notice from Jackie do and it said congratulations to Isabel I will meet you guys in the side side garden area for treats.  Me and Tim looked at each other and said well we had not planned to make a party for Isabel's 18th but now maybe we should

Got pants?

Dreamed I was a teen.  I looked in mirror and my pants were falling .apart.  I was also too fat.  I went to a friends house to ask if they had pants I could borrow.  My friends were people I didn't recognize.  I had a cat.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Ship and burgers

We were on a ship. There was a lady who had to stay below deck because of her ticket I guess she couldn't afford the upper deck ticket. For one meal she could come up to the upper deck.
She had short blonde hair and was upset to have to go to the bottom deck.  I felt bad for her.  Then the next thing i know im eating burgers

Cats and I'm trapped

I dreamed I was talking on the cell phone to Carissa. As I was talking I noticed a woman with blonde hair and she was perfect her kids were perfect she had two fluffy orange cats. I was walking around and I saw a little gray kitten I picked it up and I make sure it was okay and I put it in a big crate I was filled with cat toys it was running around inside of it happy and playing with the toys. The next thing I knew I was still talking on the phone and walking through some kind of foreign country factory and I could see workers around me and I knew I wanted to be like the blonde lady because she was so perfect. I saw another kitten I caught it and try to find somewhere to put it so that it would be safe and it would come home with me. As I was trying to put it into a different crate I realized something was going on. I finally found a place to put the kitten so that it would be safe, but then I couldn't find my phone I walked into the factory and picked up some object that apparently was edible though I don't know what it was and then a guy came out and said I had stolen it and then he asked me for some money he asked me for $10. I said "$10 dollars!" then the guy picked up the object and it crumbles a little bit it appeared to be something like a piece of of chocolate cake and I said to him "hey dont touch my food!" suddenly I saw workers from the factory where I had taken the edible cake thing start to close the doors around me and it became like a big mailbox and I was trapped inside I started yelling and screaming help help save me I think I did have my cell phone but I didn't think to

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

C dreams psychic daughter

I dreamed I had a daughter. she looked like me as a kid but blonde, and I had no husband. She created an imaginary friend that was a grown woman who she called 'Other momma'. The one day, we were at the grocery store, and the lady checking us out was like this tall lady with short hair. My kid was like wiggling and dancing and jumping and when we got out to the car I asked what was wrong and she said "That was other momma! Other momma got real!" in my dream I thought, she probably dreamed about other momma, then created her as an imaginary friend, and then when she met her in real life, it was like, pow!